TX Stabilizers (Rev. 3)

TX Stabilizers (Rev. 3)

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TX Stabilizers are designed by kin25 of TX keyboards with the goal of improving the design of Cherry clip-in stabilizers. TX Stabilizers accomplish this by minimizing the rattling and preventing wire pop-out. The housing utilizes a patented design by incorporating a Doubleshot stabilizer stem with POM outside and TPU & POM mixture inside. This mixture helps to minimize wire rattle and bottom-out noise.

TX Stabilizers Feature:

  • Designed by kin25
  • Clip-In Stabilizers
  • Doubleshot Stem
    • POM Outside
    • TPU & POM Inside
  • Stabilizer Stoppers prevent wire drop-out
  • Available in:
    • WK (6.25U), WKL (7U), 3 2U
    • Black, White, Alpaca, Cobalt has deep blue stem and gray housing
    • 1.6T PCB (Normal Sizing), 1.2T PCB


  • Rev. 2: Inserts were revised to fit more PCBs
  • Rev. 3: More colors and a new 1.2T PCB variant. 


  • WK/WKL Set
    • 10 Housings and Stems
    • 4 2U Wires
    • 1 6.25U or 7U Wire
    • 1 Pack Stab Stoppers
  • 2U Set
    • 6 Housings and Stems
    • 3 2U Wires
    • 1 Pack Stab Stoppers