Poron Switch PCB Pads

Poron Switch PCB Pads

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NEW Poron Switch pads!

Sold in packs of 120, 20 pads per sheet.

Material: Poron- Black

Thickness: .5mm compressible

Compatability: MX style switches

  • Deepens sound profile
  • Light adhesive (removable)
  • Reduces wobble
  • Decreases vibration
  • Solder or hot-swap
  • 120 pads per package
Simple to use and apply.

Review from Klexos- Initial thoughts:
● Definitely cut using something with heat treatment (laser or high speed cnc); the distinct smell hits hard upon initial opening, would recommend airing out foams somewhere sunny with good ventilation prior to installation, otherwise, the smokey smell lingers after installation.
● Sticks very well to PCB, but is easy to reposition with tweezers so long as you get under the adhesive; using a fingernail, it’s much easier to damage the foam or separate the foam from the adhesive.
● Mill-max socket compatibility: if the sockets are already installed, they interfere with the flush placement of the foams. The foams can be placed over the sockets, but “tent” over them to some degree. This does not impede or affect usage; it just doesn’t look as clean. If going to install with Mill-max sockets, install before soldering in sockets.
● Also tried stretching the pin holes using tweezers slightly to better mount the foams over Mill-max sockets. The foam is surprisingly elastic and this can help conform them around the sockets so the foam can sit flush.
● Easiest to apply on solder PCB or one with SMD hot-swap sockets (Kailh, Gateron, etc). All holes are precisely cut and align very well. No discrepancies in alignment or cutting in the 6 sheets I had. Usage notes (PBT Cherry-profile keycaps, FR4 Plate, bottom mount):
● No noticeable change in typing feel in any configuration.
● Top/High end sounds of the switches are affected the most.
● The degree of noticeable difference varies between switches. The general observation is linears sound brighter, poppy. Tactiles that have harsher high-frequency sounds are rounded down and generally are more pleasing for me.
● Notable switches and observations.  Tecsee (PME) Purple Pandas, 3203: Foams actually round out some of the higher pitches to make them sound less harsh, especially when listening up close. The most noticeable change is spacebar sound, and the sound is much closer to a “thock” than it was without the foams.  Gazzew Nixdork U4T, stock: Similar to Purple Pandas, but not as apparent. High end notes are rounded, bottoming-out pitch changed slightly. Slightly muted overall sound signature of U4T, but is still very much present and recognizable.  Nylon Housing JWK Linear, 205g0: Much more subtle change in pitch. Sounds much more “poppy” than it did prior to foam installation. Spacebar sound similarly affected as with the Purple Pandas, low end presence much more noticeable with foams in the spacebar.  Cherry Black, MCG129: Poppier; ever so slightly changes the pitch of the characteristic “scratchiness” of Cherry switches.
● Recommendation for use cases: If a switch has strong sound characteristics that you may find too harsh or loud, these PCB foams will help round things out and make it easier on the ears, in my opinion. It’s not always ideal for every switch, as some switches are less noticeably affected. Other users have mentioned these add a “muting” effect. I agree to some degree, but overall volume is relatively unchanged. It’s more so like adding EQ to the sound. By dampening high end sounds, the low end sounds are more easily heard and thus accentuated. I generally like this and will probably be using these in personal builds featuring tactile switches down the line.