Outemu Silent Sky Switches for BodyOrgan only lol

Outemu Silent Sky Switches for BodyOrgan only lol

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Special deal for Discord member BodyOrgan only, if anyone else purchases your purchase will be refunded. Thanks for understanding. 

NEW Outemu Silent Sky Switches 
#69 count of 62g and 70 count of 68g

These premium switches are made by Outemu and feature a very tactile keypress as well as silencing pads installed both on the top and bottom of the stems. This dampens the sound of the keypress going down as well as on the way up.
These switches have around the same amount of tactility as Cherry MX Clear switches.
They are PCB-mount, but the two plastic pegs on the bottom of the housing can be trimmed off to allow for use with a plate.

  • PCB Mount
  • Silenced stems
  • Blue bottom housing and transparent top with clear stems
  • Comes in 62g and 68g
  • Can be used with SMD LEDs