Krytox GPL 206g0 High Performance Keyboard Lubricant

Krytox GPL 206g0 High Performance Keyboard Lubricant

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Krytox GPL 206 Grade 0 | High-Performance Keyboard Lubricant

You will never see the words "about" or "approx" in our package descriptions of any lube in the amount description. If you order a 5ML container, it will contain 5ML or more, never less. You should get what you pay for, or more, never a close guess.

Krytox GPL 206 GRADE 0 is a very thick semifluid grease. It is recommended for use in stabilizers but is often used in very problematic (scratchy) linear switches.
Used correctly, 206g0 can dramatically improve both the sound and feel of mechanical KEYBOARDS of all types but works best on STABILIZERS. If used on switches it will dampen both the feel and sound of the switch. We do not recommend using on Tactiles unless thinned.
Many expert builders use this as a base to customize lube by thinning and creating custom lube by mixing it with oils. 

Shipped in wide-mouth containers, these can be placed on a table and not fall over. Shrink-wrapped and protected in shipping.

WARNING: Krytox GPL 205 GRADE 0 (205g0) cannot be cleaned with soap and water and is resistant to most solvents. Wear gloves.

205g0 is chemically stable and non-hazardous, however, a protective layer over the workspace is recommended. Spills are difficult to clean and lubricant will transfer from hands to another surface. We have found microfiber cloths work best for accidents.

Stupid Bullets Tech, Stupid Tech, Miller-Stephenson, and The Chemours Company are not responsible for any damages which may occur as a result of the use of this product.