#120 Boba LTs 55g for FIXTION

#120 Boba LTs 55g for FIXTION

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#120 55g Boba LTs
Special listing for Discord member FIXTION only. 
Anyone else ordering these will have their order cancelled and refunded. 

The newest Gazzew switch!


Model: Boba LT (Linear Thock)
Available in 55g

Housing Style:
  • Lilac MX housing with RGB Slot
  • PCB mount (5 pin base)
  • Light lube on the spring base and leaf
  • Rails/Rail slots are DRY
  • Matching top and bottom housing
  • Thru-hole LED and SMD LED support
Stem Style:
  • Dark purple thocky stem (long center post)
  • Linear stem (no bump)
Spring: Gazzew 55-65g spring - High-quality stainless steel

These are very smooth with reduced leaf and spring ping; filming and lubing not required

Socket support: Compatible with all socket types - Outemu, Kailh, and Gateron